we will create a limited edition modern design 

The Future home and Creative lab for the Rescuer of the future

The South mountains view

Enjoy the 180 degree view of the Vitosha and Lulin Mountains from the 4th and 5th floor in the Mezzanine apARTment.

1 loft office on 4th and 5th floor : 195.86 sq.m +

The SkyView Tower Panorama

Enjoy the beautiful panoramic terrace and TopRoof running pathway with a beautiful clear view of the neighborhood.

1 digital studio on 5th floor : 99.63 sq.m +

The Sollar powered center

Live, create, draw, work, train and relax at the Sky Tower with an outdoor garden and drone port.

1 digital studio on 5th floor : 99.63 sq.m +

The South East Square

With an Open Space Mission Control Center and residence with a Certified Dolby Digital 7.1 system, private indoor gym and outdoor playground.

Terrace: 38.85 sq.m.

The South West Square

With a Private elevator on the 5th floor and RoofTop Patio  

Terrace: 59.65 sq.m.
Latest News

We will bring the nature from the Vitosha Mountain and a honey campsite oasis to create a unique atmosphere and enjoy the exciting futuristic design

what we can do for the creative minds and new generation rescuers

The Spider.Academy will select potential kids and develop them to reach the peak of their potential