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We are building а Visiting Scholar Program for the Spiderman.Academy 

Spiderman Academy

The Scholar Program

The Ivan Kristoff’s Scholar Program presents a unique opportunity to engage in rope access education, research, or a blend of both, across diverse locations such as Bulgaria, Dubai, and North America. This program opens doors for individuals to participate in vertical and aerial rescue training at centers dedicated to both volunteers and professionals.

Embedded Extreme Journalism for Rescue

Explore the realm of creative writing and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Visual Storytelling. From 360-degree videos to the enchanting realms of virtual and augmented reality, this journey is crucial for the cutting-edge vertical and aerial rescue projects led by Ivan Kristoff. He is passionately working on providing innovative solutions. As part of this endeavor, an Emergency 4×4 truck has been transformed into a mobile media studio, poised to capture every moment of the exciting new webTV Extreme Series. Join us in embracing the future of storytelling and technology

With Dubai and Vancouver Police officers,  we discussed The next frontier in Rope Access at extreme heights and AI technology in rescue.
World’s First
“After I was the first person to step, work, film on the top of the CN Tower, the tallest structure in the world at that time, I look forward to have another training for Embedded Extreme Journalism and have on field experience and write a book about the Education Programs to a new level”, says Ivan Kristoff
The American Experience
Almost half my life was in North America, mainly in Canada and I since I now I see more than ever the need to create innovative concept for Mid Air Rescue System (MARS), which I discussed and had correspondence with the NASA team, America Astronaut and a few of the most prominent American Ambassadors in Bulgaria.